Each month Tesla Social gives a humanitarian gift to a new subscriber in their honor.  Not only do we believe in helping the planet by promoting the mission of: “to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport” which helps the planet, but we also want to help the people too!  That is why each month we give a gift through Alternative Gifts International. Whoever is chosen gets to choose the cause they want to support for the following month.

The December recipient can be seen here:

She has chosen the next gift for January to be, another form of sustainable transport:

Providing Hope Through Wheelchairs – Cause 19

Mobility is a basic human right. 1 in 100 people in the developing world have a mobility-related disability, and the penalty is often poverty. Without wheelchairs, people with disabilities are unable to access the world outside of their home. A wheelchair can give someone with a disability access to education, employment, and healthcare. 

a complete list of the causes currently being supported can be found here:

In my personal experience with the Tesla community I have found a group of caring and dedicated people who are passionate about Tesla, the mission and helping others. My first experience with AGI was in 2000, I gave gifts for Christmas through AGI.  I was not sure how others would react because Christmas, at least in mainstream U.S. culture,  seemed to be so much about receiving actual items.  But to my surprise those who received these gifts of giving to others, were delighted. After all, it really should be about giving and helping others in need.


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