December winner of humanitarian gift for new subscriber to Tesla Social YouTube channel

In honor of @DOfaquarius

Thank you for being a new subscriber to the Tesla Social YouTube channel! You are being given the gift to help others through Alternative Gifts International. This gift was chosen by the last winner and you will get to choose the gift for next months winner.

– Tesla Social

Click on this link to choose what cause you would like to support and it will be given as an alternative gift to next months winner:

Bikes for Teachers, Doctors & Kids – Cause 15

Lack of transportation is a huge impediment in remote in African villages in Namibia, Tanzania and Zambia. If a person falls ill, the nearest clinic is usually many miles away. Women and children are the most marginalized, as they are the least likely to receive the support necessary to get them to distant clinics. Additionally, children and teachers must walk miles to get school, often because of the lack of transportation.

Child riding new bike

Bicycles for Humanity’s (B4H) mission is simple: change the world two wheels at a time. Donated bikes are shipped to Africa to be used by doctors to reach the sick, and by children and their teachers to reach school. With your help we can ensure transportation doesn’t prevent anyone from going without healthcare or an education.

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