Who Are ‘These People’? #Tesla $TSLA

On Januray 15, MarketWatch published an article with this headline:

Muddy Waters short seller trashes Tesla fans as easily duped by Elon Musk

They also highlighted this quote by Carson Block, the founder of Muddy Waters:

“What can you say about these people? His fan base, I don’t think, are real critical thinkers.”



MarketWatch got their information from a popular podcast known as Quoth the Raven, which is popular among short sellers and those who like to troll and harass people who support Tesla. So this inspired me to write an article.  I would like to introduce you to a few of  ‘these people’ who actually do think critically and are more than real. We aren’t just mindless fans who jump every time Elon tweets (honestly I’m usually at work 90% of the time he tweets).

I am only listing five people because I want to keep this short. There are so many awesome people that I have gotten to know and look up to as a person and there are way too many of y’all to list.  I chose these particular five because each of you have really impressed me in one way of form. I’ve had nothing but positive interactions with each of you and hope that featuring you shows a quick snapshot of who ‘these people’ really are.


1. Leilani Münter.

Leilani is a Nascar Driver. She races cars for a living. One has to be able to think critically when driving 200mph. She is also vegan hippie chick and someone I admire. I love how she is quick to stand up for herself and how she, in a male-influenced industry, has taken it and made it her own and uses it to spread awareness about clean tech and solar energy.



2.  Scott Wainner

Scott  founded his first business and sold it at 21. He also bought (and sold it again). He was also Editor-in-Chief for both Internet.com and Answers.com. He’s also an Angel Investor who has worked with HandUp, Compology, and FramedData–two of the companies are in the tech field while the first one is about helping people in need. I’d say you’d have to be able to think critically to take on what Scott has done. Not to mention his ability to start a couple of businesses in high school that generated $100K just 4 years later.



3. Margaret Kluz

Marge is a happily married dog mom whose love for animals go above and beyond. She is involved with animal rescue efforts and is always spreading a positive message.  She runs the Dogs of Tesla Twitter and Instagram account with the goal of helping Tesla owners with dogs by sharing tweets related to dogs such as Dog Mode. Also, her photo in the tweet below was used as the main header for this post.



4. Greg Wester

Greg has an MS in Information Technology,  owns a patent in site management in an on-demand system, and has held positions with Salesforce, CACI,  and currently, Medallia.  Greg has also worked with Sony Entertainment as an independent contractor (Yes, the same Sony that makes Playstations).



5. Ross Gerber

You may have seen Ross Gerber a few times on the news since he is an investment advisor. He’s also the CEO of Gerber Kawasaki and knows his way around stocks.  His company does two main things: helps people build their wealth, and helps people manage their wealth. One has to be able to think critically to manage wealth.



These are just five people who are considered ‘these people’.  Yes, one of ‘these people’ own a patent. One of these people manages money. One drives in Nascar races and another one makes a difference for animals with pet rescue. All are unique individuals like you and  me.

So I challenge you, Carson. If you ever find yourself reading this article, to get to know us and why we support Tesla. I support it because both Elon Musk and the Tesla community gave me hope during one of the worst summers of my life. Last summer. It’s a long story that started almost a year ago–something that would have left me homeless and possibly dead, but I survived.

Each person has their own reason as to why we chose Tesla and Elon Musk. So before you look down your nose and judge us based on a few odd ‘cult’ headlines, get to know us and see us for what we really are: a community of people who simply care for one another and our planet.



About The Author

Johnna Crider is one of the Tesla Social writers. She is inspired by Elon Musk and Tesla as well as the many people in the Tesla community who are positive and care about the world we live in. Johnna is also a jewelry designer who gifted Elon one of her designs and you can learn more about her art here.

Tesla Social is mostly about the social aspects of the Tesla community. There are many stories like this that bring the community together and have fun. Do you have a story to share? email us at: teslasocialclub@gmail.com   You can also tweet to us at Tesla Social or reach out to Johnna. 

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