At 1AM This Morning, A Model 3 Came To My House

I want to quickly introduce everyone, if you don’t know him by now, to TesLatino, a Tesla Model 3 owner who lives in Florida. He is well known for his Tesla podcasts where he interviews owners and fans alike. He’s even interviewed me. He and his beautiful wife, Nancy, were on their second Tesla road trip and their trip brought them through Baton Rouge where they stopped by on their way to the Supercharger which happens to be a 5 minute drive from my apartment.



My first impression is that those headlights are bright! I mean brighter than regular cars.  TesLatino has a Midnight Silver Metallic Tesla and it really did seem to blend in with the dark of the new moon with the exception of those bright headlights.

The Model 3 is such a sleek car and my camera did not do it justice. Fortunately, Nancy used her iPhone to take our late #FrunkPuppyFriday photo submission. I say our because this was a team effort that was also random and on the spot. And hilariously fun. However, my advice for Frunk Puppy photo submissions is to do it in daylight. We didn’t have time to because they had to go before that storm hit us.



I even did a video from the driver’s seat, although I didn’t mean to cut Nancy out and did not get the Tesla logo on the steering wheel. As you can see, I was really excited. I was kind of awkward, but this is me. We are currently having a new moon so it was darker than usual out.



I wish I had gotten video of the summon feature. I’ve seen it, but seeing it in person is a must. My friend, Joanna Ballard, who is a writer and well known in the area as a Louisiana Storyteller, (she’s barely on twitter but we are working on that), was also there. She took a step back when the Tesla started moving.

I’d told her about the summon feature, so she was aware of it, but seeing it move by itself is so cool and freaky at the same time. It’s also kind of cute. But Tesla cars make me think of cute cats anyways. I, like I always do with cars, felt awkward sitting in the drivers seat. I’ve not yet learned how to drive so I always feel strange sitting in the drivers seat.

The chairs are comfortable and it is a big and roomy car. My unicorn slippers had no problem fitting in the area where your feet go by the brake and accelerator pedals. Seeing and experiencing the Model 3 in person brought out the kid in me. I can totally prank some of my friends and coworkers with that summon feature. Seeing Joanna experience it was pretty awesome, too, as she has only heard of Tesla through me and also the news.

It was really neat meeting TesLatino and Nancy as well. This is my first time meeting people on Twitter in person, except those I’ve met and followed online later. This was also my first time meeting a Tesla owner and fellow fan. I hope to see them when they come through on their return trip home.

Be sure to follow TesLatino and Nancy to keep up with their adventures.  You can also catch up on his podcasts here.



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