Most people in the Tesla community have heard about Jeda- a company that makes a custom wireless charging pad designed to fit the Tesla Model 3. Many of us have discovered in order to charge our phones on the factory docking station, the phone case has to be removed to connect the phone to the charging connection. Not ideal for constant everyday use when you have to keep taking a case off and on just to charge your phone- Jeda saw a need, and filled it. With their wireless charging pad, the phone charges as is, case and all, and makes it convenient for passengers who may have different phones. I personally have had to change out the cable from android USB-C to the Apple compatible cable, and then switch again for another passenger. Most phones are Qi enabled phones which means they can charge wireless, and if someone does not have a Qi enabled phone, the pad also allows for cable charging too. The wireless pad makes sense, and helps to enable a flawless driving experience.

Below is an interview with Roger Moline who founded Jeda Wireless last year

[TS] Do you remember when you first heard about Tesla?

[RM] I remember hearing about Tesla in 2011, and was instantly a fan. Following this, I pretty much followed and tracked the company’s and Elon Musk’s movements through out the years. I really am inspired by him as a person and an entrepreneur for being so different from the rest, and not fitting into a generic “mold” but rather paving his own way. His desire to promote change resonates with me.

[TS] Is there a particular moment or memory that stands out for you? 

[RM] Yes, my first time riding in a Model X and experiencing auto pilot. It was a game changer! After test driving, I truly understood the vision.

[TS] How long did you have to wait before you could get a Tesla? 

[RM] I’ve personally been saving up for my own, and am waiting for the Model Y and the pickup. 

[TS] What model of Tesla(s) do you have? 

[RM] I don’t own any personally, but I rent the Model 3 monthly for testing with our projects.

[TS] How long did you have your car before you knew you wanted to create a wireless charging pad?

[RM] I was actually a passenger in my friend’s Model 3, and realized that docking my phone was not that simple as it required me removing my case. I thought it would be a good idea and something that could be useful in the Model 3 for others as well.

[TS] Why did you create it? 

[RM] To make phone charging and docking easier. I also thought it was nice to have that feature in the Model 3 since it’s safer than docking, and simplifies the charging experience.

[TS] What was the biggest challenge you had going from concept to reality? 

[RM] When we launched, our team was not expecting or ready for the amount of orders we had. The hardest part was definitely learning to control production, and dealing with supply-chain issues and bottlenecks which popped up along the way. We went through many iterations and samples, so finding the right fit, finish, and something that would be appealing to people was a trying process that took months.

[TS] How long have you been doing this? 

[RM] I am personally a product designer, and I have been working in product design since 2012. The others on our team work in different fields which compliment the product and projects we are working on.

[TS] What kind of reaction have you had from the Tesla community? 

[RM] The Tesla community is very proactive so we have learned a lot as a company, which we really appreciate. With our V1 Jeda Pad, we got a lot of feedback on things we could improve. This year in February we launched our new V2 Jeda Wireless Pad with all of the comments recommended by Tesla owners and the Tesla community. So far, the reaction for the V2 Jeda Pad has been overwhelmingly positive and we’re thrilled.

[TS] Any specific stories or experiences you would like to share about what you are doing or about any individual experiences since creating Jeda wireless pad? 

[RM] A very random but cool thing happened! One of our team members was on a road trip recently in Arizona, and parked next to a Model 3. He instinctively took a look in the car, not expecting to see a Jeda Pad, and lo and behold found one! He sent a message to our team, and we felt pretty honored to know that. 

[TS] How has doing this changed you, either this product or just being a part of the Tesla community, how do you see this whole experience has changed you?

[RM] As a team, we’ve learned alot in terms of product expectations. We’re thrilled to be a part of the Tesla community, because it’s a community committed to change in the same respects our team members are. As I’ve mentioned, it’s also very proactive, which is special as it’s quite unique to find a community of people so connected to each other and to the same interests and vision. I think it’s made all of our team grow stronger, and try to be a better company and made better products.

[TS] If you could meet with Elon Musk for lunch, what would you want to talk about?

[RM] Wow this is a hard one actually! I’m not sure. I think it would depend on the situation. I would ask him how he’s able to manage so many projects and companies that are so influential? What he has taken away from having such a strong community and how it impacts his decisions with Tesla? Where he sees the future of the company? And of course, to please tell me about the pickup and if the render is the front or back!

This is the render in question, something we all want to know!

[TS] What about you, what inspires you? 

[RM] I’m inspired by good design, and ideas which take shape, as well as by people who have changed the way we interact with daily things (phones, cars, etc.)

[TS] Do you have any advice for any other budding entrepreneurs wanting to do their own thing? 

[RM] Create a business plan to get your thoughts in order, and invest in a good team of people who are passionate about what you want to do. If you have a good idea, put it on paper and get samples and prototypes made so you can begin to mold them into a reality. Listen to your customers and what people want – they won’t lead you astray.

[TS] Is there anything else you would like to share so people know a bit about the human behind Jeda Wireless Pad?

[RM] We’re a small team, but we’re really dedicated to the Tesla mission. We’ve spent hours talking with personal Model 3 owners to create more products we are excited to launch later this year. Our team listens to Ride the Lightening by Ryan McAffrey pretty regularly in the office as well! Not sure if that’s human – but it’s something we do to stay well informed, and to ensure our team is up-to-date on all things Tesla.

You can find Ryan’s podcast here:

[TS] Lastly, I have to ask where you got the name from? A google search comes up with a Brazilian footballer

[RM] I personally like naming a startups after names that don’t relate with anything special. I like the fact that its short. Although some people think about the Jedi from Star Wars 🙂 

[TS] What is the best way for people to find you and about Jeda Wireless Pad? Websites, social media accounts etc…

[RM] The best way is through Twitter, as we mainly utilize that! @getjeda
In case there are people who do not use Twitter, the website is:

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