How The Tesla Community Is Helping Fight COVID-19

Some info here is adapted from Tesletter Issue 106

Tesla community members helping with the fight against COVID-19

There are people everywhere trying to do everything they can to fight Covid-19 and the Tesla community is no exception. We wanted to highlight a few Tesla community members (who we happen to know personally or well) who are making exceptional contributions to help support COVID-19 patients and hospitals taking care of them ????

Arash Malek (ScentWedge) is making face shields. 
Sponsor face shields for $3 each

TesBros is partnering Philip Prescott with to make 3D face shields. 

This is their GoFundMe page 

LivingTesla are 3D printing face shields 
click here to Sponsor face shields for $1.50 each

Beagle Drones has started making masks to donate

Brian Lovett has been working with ER physicians in modifying the designs of 3d masks to fit better and allow better breathability.

He started a group for people who are making masks and those who are in need of masks:
He has a patreon page if you want to help support his efforts.

Tesla owner Ross Pirtle aka @rmpirtle, has been 3d printing some of the Montana Masks and donating them.

Montana Masks made by Ross Pirtle and Living Tesla

With the shortage of elastic bands, we resorted to using the very expensive non-latex theraband exercise band to cut in strips and make straps from it.

Best Coast Burritos (Alvin Shen from Tesla Owners East Bay) is gearing up in an effort to feed emergency staffs in the East Bay. GoFundMe page 

Some of our Community Members Are On The Front Lines

Carlo is a respiratory therapist working on the front lines

Many healthcare workers have been infected from their patients and have not survived. All ages from early 20’s and up.

There is a large shortage of PPE! These are the makers who have set up ways to donate specifically to help fund the donations:

Arash –

Living Tesla –

TesBros –

You can also help feed healthcare workers in the SF Bay area

Best Coast Burritos –

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