screenshot taken from Wade’s Youtube video

On his epic North American road trip last year, Wade got to drive through the Coastal Redwoods. These are the tallest trees on Earth and some are almost as old as the dinosaurs. The earliest redwoods showed up on our planet before flowers, birds and spiders. These trees have been around for about 240 million years and in California, at least 20 million years.

In his drive, Wade takes you through an 11-minute video through foggy streets and into a magical place where the redwoods grow. The Avenue of the Giants leads into California from Oregan and the trip makes one feel as if they have stepped through the pages of time and into a different era.

Wade tries to take a selfie, but the tree is simply too big–it even hides his parked Model 3 at an angle. There is even a narrow passage way into the realm of Faerie (or it seems like it) that Wade is able to delicately maneuver his Model 3 through.

Imagine the rings of these tree representing a year. A tree that is 3,200 has seen the birth of Christ, Charlemagne crowned, the discovery of Amerca and other historical moments. Wade got to do a few more cool things in the video including meeting up with a friend, going to this really cool 80s themed cafe and eating tater tots shaped like Tetris blocks.

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