5 Tesla Supporters Every Tesla Fan Should Follow

I’m still rather new to the Tesla community, but every single Tesla fan, owner or shareholder I have interacted with has been a positive experience for me.  I have developed friendships with several, some have supported my jewelry business and all of them have been incredible Twitter friends. However, there are some that go above and beyond in fighting FUD, a term that means Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.

FUD is all the hate Tesla and many supporters catch for being supportive. The fact that Tesla, an American success story, is catching a lot of FUD that is sponsored by many members of the media as well as stock traders is really unsettling. Tesla should be embraced for what it is: a huge change in the way we, not only drive, but use energy.

And there are several people doing more than just advocating for Tesla and rooting for Elon, but doing so in a fantastic way.  Although there are many people advocating for Tesla and Elon Musk, it was hard to choose just five.

The Pope

In June 2018, The Verge published an article called, The Gospel of Elon Musk, According to His Flock. It’s basically calling people who follow Elon a cult and trying to get ‘inside our minds’ as to why we follow him. I was also interviewed for the article, although when I was asked for an interview, I was told it was an article about Elon’s followers. My responses were not included, probably because they were too rational.

A follower of Elon, Etienne, had the clever idea of making a parody account of a Pope and behold,  the Self-appointed Pope Of Muskanity was born. He often trolls those who have negative things to say about Tesla and reminds everyone to be kind.




Vincent is the driving force behind Tesla Top Info, a Tesla news blog and, due to his ability to read and communicate in Chinese, is one of my favorite sources for the China Gigafactory news. He often shares and translates updates from the Chinese news media and has a fresh perspective on news from other sources as well. Some of his tweets and information has been featured in news sources like Teslarati, CleanTechnica and InsideEVs.



Ill Ink

Ill Ink aka Salina Gomez and I met on Twitter through an Elon thread. I mentioned that Elon needed a mic drop gif of him dropping the mic and Salina replied and created one. She drew it. And then we became Twitter friends and I discovered her really beautiful project: Illuminated Tweets of Elon Musk Coloring Book, from which the header photo (Tesla Semi art) came from.

Salina is designing an adult coloring book of tweets that Elon tweeted out. As an artist who also did illumination projects (Think Book of Durrow type of art), I just fell in love with her work. Her book is like an upgraded Book of Kells, except instead of the Bible in Latin, it’s tweets of one of the most iconic people in history.


28 Delays aka The Earl of Frunk Puppy.

28, as I like to call him, is the creator of #FrunkPuppyFriday.  He brings refreshing humor into my feed with his hilarious tweets and adorable puppies in a frunk. He started the trend and it took off. Even Maye Musk participated.

Norman is the star of the Frunk Puppy movement and every Friday, people take adorable photos of their pups in frunks and we all get to vote for the winner from a top 4.  Every week there is a prize for the winner. When TesLatino stopped by my place on his Tesla Road trip, I submitted a photo of an amethyst geode in the frunk. Oddly, people thought it was steak.



Manic Marge and Dogs of Tesla

Marge is the fun person behind Dogs of Tesla. She is a Tesla owner who also does a lot of rescue work. During the fires of California, she and Earl with Frunk Puppy teamed up to set up a GoFundMe to raise funds for pets injured in the fire that needed vet care. Marge has a huge heart for animals, especially those who have been hurt.

She uses her Tesla to help with transport and her rescue work which is really inspiring.  In fact, she, via Dogs of Tesla, coined the hashtag #TeslaPetRescue. Marge is definitely someone you should follow especially if you are a dog lover or animal lover.



I specifically picked these five because they are doing a lot for the EV community.  It was really hard doing just five, as there are a lot of great people in the Tesla community that advocate for the clean energy cause, however, I chose these five because their work is important. The Pope is inspiring because instead of being insulted at being called a cult member as many are, he goes with it and makes it fun.

Vincent is humble, kind and always putting Tesla first. He does a lot of great work at fighting FUD and spreading truth in it’s place. Salina is an artist who definitly needs her work more recognized and I hope Elon sees it. 28 and his puppies light up my feed and seeing Marge with her pet rescue reminds me that we all can do our part to make this world a better place which is what Tesla is all about.

My motivation for all my companies has been to be involved in something that I thought would have a significant impact on the world.”– Elon Musk.


About The Author

Johnna Crider is one of the Tesla Social writers. She is inspired by Elon Musk and Tesla as well as the many people in the Tesla community who are positive and care about the world we live in. Johnna is also a jewelry designer who gifted Elon one of her designs and you can learn more about her art here.

Tesla Social is mostly about the social aspects of the Tesla community. There are many stories like this that bring the community together and have fun. Do you have a story to share? email us at: teslasocialclub@gmail.com   You can also tweet to us at Tesla Social or reach out to Johnna. 

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