Many people hate having to put a front license plate on their car. The way Tesla puts the license plate bracket on is with double sided tape and it gets stuck right on the front fascia (bumper area). The adhesive is super strong so you need to get it stuck correctly the first time. Some people have had them installed and it ended up being crooked:

Unfortunately this is not the only person who posted a bad install.

If you try to remove it, you could damage the paint.

One person came up with a solution for an easy to install front license plate bracket that does not adhere to the paint. It can be removed easily as well. The Bandit license frame was the concept of Tesla Motors Club member “TonyPham”. Tony received input from other members and posted his design concepts online for feedback. One of the challenges was to create a design that does not block the small front grill opening at the bottom. After many revisions over several months, he finally had a finished product.

Front view of The Bandit

Side view of The Bandit

Below is an interview with Tony Pham of The Bandit license frame.

[TS] Do you remember when you first heard about Tesla?
[Tony] I first heard about Tesla 10 years ago.

[TS] Is there a particular moment or memory that stands out for you?
[Tony] I remember seeing the first generation Roadster in Golden Gate Park, SF

[TS] What were your thoughts then?
[Tony] It looked pretty amazing, sporty and, NO exhausts!

[TS] How long did you have to wait before you could get a Tesla?
[Tony] My first American USA made car, Tesla, was delivered 9/18/18. Wait time was about 2 months.

[TS] How long did you have your car before you knew you wanted to create this license plate holder?
[Tony] I created The Bandit front license plate mount as a DIY for my Sister’s Model 3 delivered 12/17.

[TS] Why did you create it?
[Tony] Did not prefer the peel / stick factory mount.

[TS] Why did you choose The Bandit for the name?
[Tony] Hmmm Good question! Needed something catchy. The Bandit, is supposed to be quick & easy to install.

[TS] What was the biggest challenge you had going from concept to reality?
[Tony] Many challenges along the way. Initial design was placed in front of cooling vent, which thermal manages battery, drivetrain, electronics (Autopilot computer), and A/C condenser. Best option is near OEM position, and to design with enough clearance to clean bumper behind mount.

[TS] How long have you been doing this?
[Tony] Approximately 1 year

[TS] What kind of reaction have you had from the Tesla community?
[Tony] First post… good feedback from the Tesla community:

[TS] Any specific stories or experiences you would like to share about what you are doing or about any individual experiences with your product?
[Tony] Humbled by the amazing Tesla community and many have considered this product. Hopefully will expand to many more product offerings in the near future. Always appreciate any & all feedback to continuously improve.

[TS] How has doing this changed you, either this product of just being a part of the Tesla community, how do you see this whole experience has changed you?
[Tony] This is my first ever product that has changed into a small production. Like Elon says, creating 1 prototype is easy, mass producing – designing fixtures and the processes is sometimes greater challenge than the product itself.

[TS] If you could meet with Elon Musk for lunch, what would you want to talk about?
[Tony] If I could meet with Elon for lunch (which is way too short), probably talk about designing & engineering aspects of possible future products.

[TS] What about you, what inspires you?
[Tony] What’s inspiring to me is constantly exploring design possibilities and creating things, possibility into products to improve quality of life to others. The greatest amazing things that ever happened, started with a single thought.

[TS] Do you have any advice for any other budding entrepreneurs wanting to do their own thing?
[Tony] It’s a difficult challenge, there will be successes, failures, criticisms. Be open to feedback that can improve your product. “You should not give up unless you are forced to give up” – EM

[TS] Is there anything else you would like to share so people know a bit about the human behind The Bandit Model 3 License Mount?
[Tony] My life nearly ended even before I was born. Family escaped gunfire & bombs on 4/30/75 & Mom didn’t even know she was pregnant with me inside. Beyond blessed to have given this life, and my purpose is contribute, give back to all as much as possible.

[TS] What is the best way for people to find you and about The Bandit Model 3 License Mount?
[Tony] The Bandit license plate mount, is first and only product, and can be found on Etsy and website listed below, thanks!


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