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I will be leaving on June 17th for a long road trip, I will be away for about 2 months. I am not sure how many miles I will drive in total but I am planning an epic road trip! At the end of my journey I will calculate total miles traveled and post screenshots of my beginning and ending odometer. Whoever gets closest to the correct miles will win the prizes listed below. The link to enter your guess is below, as new hints are dropped it is ok to change your entry as long as you delete your previous entry.

Only one entry allowed and no entries after 45 days into the trip. How many miles will I cover in 2 months? Follow my youtibe channel and track the days.
*hint, this trip will include Canada and Alaska
Items in the list of prizes are linked to the websites for more information about each prize.

FIRST PLACE PRIZES – over $700.00 in prizes!

T-sportline Key holder ($25 value)
Jeda Wireless charging pad ($99.00 value)
Abstract Ocean will be providing a lighting kit:
2 sets of puddle lights (doors), footwell lights (2), and ultrabright lights for the remaining locations (x5) (for Models S, 3, X) ($120.00 value)

Abstract Ocean Premium Rugged Silicone FobPocket (Model S & 3) ($15.00 value)
Elon Accessories Screen protector and pedal kit (screen protector for Models S, 3, X) ($70.00 value)
3Tray (for Model 3) $20.00 value,
Hot Wheels Model 3, $2.00 value
The Drop Lock, (for Model 3)($25.00 value)
Tesla Bros wraps:
Autopilot sticker, center console wrap, door label kit and door handle wraps from Tesla Bros (your choice of colors for Model 3) ($95.00 value),
Frunkpuppy T-shirt ($25.00 value)
Vteq Dashcam bundle x 2! not 1 but 2! ($90.00 value)
StatsApp free iOS download ($19.99 value)
The Bandit license mount ($129.00 value)

and more prizes will be listed here.

SECOND PLACE PRIZES (over $150.00 value!)

T-sportline T-shirt ($16.00 value)
T-sportline Key holder ($25 value)
Hot Wheels Tesla Roadster with Starman ($5.00 value)
Adventures of Starman Comic from Eli Burton ($15.00 value)
Abstract Ocean All-In-One Screen Cleaner ($11.00 value)
Frunkpuppy bag ($10.00 value)
VTEQ Dashcam bundle ($45.00 value)
Abstract Ocean USB lights ($30.00 value)

THIRD PLACE PRIZES (over $100.00 value)

T-sportline Key holder ($25 value)
T-sportline T-shirt ($16.00 value)
Hot Wheels Model 3 ($2.00 value)
Elon Musk biography book ($12.00 value paperback)
Frunkpuppy Sticker ( $7.00 value)
VTEQ Dashcam bundle ($45.00 value)

In order to qualify for the prizes you will need to:

1. Be subscribed to the youtube channel listed below:

2. Enter your best guess of total miles in the comments and retweet the twitter post here:

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I am also trying out the “buy me a coffee” service here:


Also, if anyone is interested in buying a Tesla, you can support my journey by using my referral code which will give me free supercharging along the way.

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