One of the common things brought up among Tesla owners is every time a new person gets in a Tesla Model 3, owners have to go through the process of educating them how to open the door. Many times they will pull the emergency release lever which can cause damage if overused.

Earlier this year a relatively new Twitter account tweeted their new decals for the interior door locks of the model 3. It is a brilliant idea because it helps with the confusion people have of opening the door from the inside.

Tesla Bros came up with this simple solution:

decal to put on the door release button

That was their first item, since then they have started making other vinyl products.

Now they offer center console wraps:

Customizable Aero Wheel Wrap:

shown with the black carbon fiber

They created window cling stickers for Sentry Mode and Dog Mode with options available for each:

1 of several Sentry Mode sticker options available
Dog Mode sitcker

TeslaBros has also teamed up with FrunkPuppy (see article here) to sell FrunkPuppy stickers to benefit the Humane Society:

There are many more products currently underway, vinyl wraps for the Model 3 door handles, door sills and more to come!

the Model 3 door sill plate is wrapped in black

Below is an interview with Ji, one of the 2 humans behind Tesla Bros

[TS] Tesla Bros Do you remember when you first heard about Tesla?

[Ji] I’ve heard about the Roadster before, but I really got interested when my brother was looking into buying a Tesla Model S. I was skeptical but once he got it, I was sold, too.

[TS] Is there a particular moment or memory that stands out for you?

[Ji] When we first did 0-60 in the Model S. I had never been in a car that fast and it was so much fun.

[TS] What were your thoughts then?

[Ji] I loved the tech and everything about Tesla. Back then, I remember the autopilot being not as reliable as it is today. For example, when approaching hills or bridges, it would brake really aggressively. It appears that they’ve fixed all those issues at this time. I was skeptical back then.

[TS] How long did you have to wait before you could get a Tesla? 

[Ji] I actually didn’t have to wait that long. I reserved in May 2018 and I received my Model 3 LR RWD in July 10, 2018. I got really lucky and it was right before delivery hell, too.

[TS] What model of Tesla(s) do you have?

[Ji]  I personally own the Model 3 LR RWD. My brother used to own the 2016 Model S 75, but he recently sold it to buy an X.

[TS] What are the products you created?

[Ji] We started out with the door label for the Tesla Model 3, but since then, we now make other accessories like center console wraps, aerowheel wraps and sentry mode stickers.

[TS] How long did you have your car before you knew you wanted to do this?

[Ji] This really all came really random. I had started my social media as @TeslaBros in July after I got my Model 3 with the goal of just blogging about Teslas and maybe picking up a referral or two. Few months later, I was in Atlanta driving down the highway and was thinking how annoyed I was with how many people pulled the manual door release. I googled and saw a few options, but wanted to create my own. I put it out to the Tesla community and people really liked it.

[TS] What was the biggest challenge you had going from concept to reality?

[Ji] Like Tesla, we went through production hell. When we first started, we were getting hundreds of orders at times and it was really me and my brother. I wasn’t getting much sleep and it was definitely a challenge fulfilling all the orders. When you get into business, you realize there are so many other moving parts other than the product. We’re still figuring things out and learning each day.

[TS] How long have you been doing this?

[Ji] We started this in January 2019.

[TS] What kind of reaction have you had from the Tesla community?

[Ji] We’re really thankful for the Tesla community because they’ve really been helpful and positive with what we came up with. Recently, we had a company who took our product, images, and video and listed it on Amazon. We tweeted it out and the Tesla community was super supportive and got the word out adding pressure to the company who took our products. A day later, they apologized and took the products down on Amazon. We were just absolutely grateful and just emotional of how they supported us.

[TS] Any specific stories or experiences you would like to share about what you are doing or about any individual experiences with your product?

[Ji] There was one time a customer thought we had forgot to give him extra warning label stickers. We respectfully told him that we did give him the right quantity because the rear doors didn’t have the manual door release. The customer went outside to check the car and realized that the rear doors didn’t have the lever. He responded back saying he had been telling his kids in the back not to use the manual door release for months. We thought it was so funny picturing his kids getting yelled at and being confused.

[TS] How has doing this changed you, either this product or just being a part of the Tesla community, how do you see this whole experience has changed you?

[Ji] It’s definitely humbled me. I’m just thankful to be a part of this Tesla community. This product and the business that came with it, allowed me to plug in deeper into the community and that’s really great because I live in a state that doesn’t have as many Teslas around.

[TS] If you could meet with Elon Musk for lunch, what would you want to talk about?

[Ji] Man, I would just want to geek out and talk about random things. I would imagine having conversations like Joe Rogan did. That was a fun interview.

[TS] What about you, what inspires you?

[Ji] My mother always inspired me. She was always a giving person, so I’m a lot like her.

[TS] Do you have any advice for any other budding entrepreneurs wanting to do their own thing?

[Ji] This is so cliche, but sometimes, you just have to do it. We tend to overthink to the point where we convince ourselves not to do it. If you have a good idea, take it and run with it and learn as you go.

[TS] Is there anything else you would like to share so people know a bit about the human behind this Tesla Bros?

[Ji] Our philosophy and the whole reason of us starting Tesla Bros was to help other owners with their EV journey. If we’ve helped you in any way, pass it along!

[TS] What is the best way for people to find you and your product?

@teslabros for all social channels (twitter, instagram, youtube)


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