You may have seen a bright, bold and stunningly gorgeous purple Model 3 around on Twitter or maybe in person if you are in Florida. When I first stumbled upon Nate’s Twitter account, this lovely gem of a Tesla evoked warm memories of my first Mardis Gras in Louisiana as a child.


No, not the time the police chased me for flashing the folks on the float for beads (Bossier City is a bit, uh, mature compared to New Orleans). No, the memory was my first time in Louisiana and discovering this random holiday that is sometimes in February or sometimes in March.

I moved to Louisiana from Atlanta when I was 9. Louisiana is literally another culture that is different from most of the US. Voodoo and Catholicism mix like a good roux in gumbo. We made voodoo dolls in school as a project once. And we also made jambalaya and king cakes. Catching beads, cups, doublooms and toy alligators from floats was an adventure to non-native.

My mother landed a job with a local attorney right before our first Mardi Gras. Unfortunately, that attorney got busted for breaking the law and it made the news. And I got to be on TV. I was playing with Mardi Gras tinsel when the reporter asked me how did I like living in a new state and what I liked about Louisiana. I told him Mardi Gras. He was kind and gave me some beads and that’s really all I remember. When I first saw Nate’s Tesla, I immediately thought it would be perfect for a Mardi Gras float.


 Quick Q&A with Nate


How did you discover Tesla?

I discovered Tesla in the early years from a Reddit post most likely and if I were to guess sometime around 2012 when the Model S came out. The technology inside an all-electric car amazed the geek inside me but I knew once I seen the price that it was going to be quite a while before I could afford a used one at that.

What is it about the Model 3 that you think sets it apart from other models?

The Model 3 is set apart by its size, it’s like a compact version of the Model S but by no means does it feel like a compact car inside. The minimal dash and simplistic interior give a whole new futuristic feeling to automobiles.

What surprised you the most about your Model 3?

The first thing that surprised me after waiting 700 days to finally sit in a Model 3, my Model 3, was the acceleration. I knew it would be quick and I had driven a Volt several times but Tesla is on a whole nother level. The one other thing that surprised me was how simple the Model 3 is to take apart.

Why Purple? What does this color mean to you?

Why Purple? Well, I was thinking the color was going to be more of a Blueish-Purple when I ordered it online. But the color Purple does have a close connection to a family member who passed away and I took it as a sign that I had made a great decision.

What are the most memorable in-person reactions to your bold Model3?

The best and most memorable reaction was the day I Liquid wrapped my Model 3 in my garage. The neighbors’ reaction when I told them what I was about to do was priceless, “You’re about to do what to your brand new car”!

After explaining how it’s a Liquid PPF and colored like vinyl film but instead sprayed on, they took my word for it. Them and most others I meet can’t get over how it looks now. It’s definitely a unique Tesla Model 3 with all the head turns and finger pointing that it gets.




To keep up with Nate and his purple Model 3, be sure to follow him on Twitter.


About The Author

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