Meet @ScentWedge, A Scentsational Member of #TeamElon

Many have seen the stunning videos or photos provided by Tesla owner and member of TOSV (Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley), ScentWedge, but you may now realize who they are and what they do.


ScentWedge is just that: A small piece of air freshener made exclusively for Tesla owners. One of the beautiful things about this community is how others, whether you are a Tesla owner, shareholder or fan, (one or all three) is that they come together to support one another’s businesses and dreams.

This has been proven true for me. Seeing all the support being rallied around the Frunk Puppy movement, people who own Teslas and need help with something or another, or even an artist who is just trying to make it one day at a time, is beyond inspiring.

Not only have the folks at ScentWedge created stunning videos with their own Tesla and Tesla air freshener, but they have helped fellow Tesla owners with design as well. Their video with TOSV is worthy of a Super Bowl spot, in my opinion.


Q and A with ScentWedge


Q: How did you discover Tesla?

SW: I grew up in Berkeley California so I stumbled upon Tesla the early roadster 1.0 days back when I was a sophomore in college. It was love at first sight, compelling but expensive. What really captured me was the Model S. I remember at the time that was my dream car. I was a senior at UC Berkeley and we had an assignment once to try and reach someone that we think would be unreachable. I chose Elon Musk and after attempting a few failed e-mail addresses, I finally got through and his assistant kindly responded! Eventually, I was denied an interview but the fact that he forwarded my e-mail to his assistant was pretty awesome!

Q: What was your first impression the Tesla as experienced it firsthand?

SW: OMG THIS IS AWESOME. I test drove the S at least 4 times even though I couldn’t afford it at the time. Every time, I got goosebumps. I knew so much about the car and I was never a “car person” but I ended up convincing my mentor to get one. When the Model 3 launched, I preordered same day, April 1st, 2016 and couldn’t wait to get it! 2 yrs later, my car was ready and I was ecstatic! I honestly love this car so much that I always volunteer to drive because every other ICE car is too loud and sluggish now.

Q: How did you feel in that first moment of driving a Tesla versus the other cars?

SW: Instant fun instantly, all the time, every time.

Q: What is one thing that you wish others knew about Tesla that isn’t often talked about?

SW: Believe it or not, a lot of ppl don’t know that Tesla is an American all-electric car company. I’m constantly telling ppl this. A lot of people think that it is a hybrid and are baffled when I tell them it doesn’t take gas and that it’s made in USA.

Q: What made you create ScentWedge?

SW: I was inspired by the minimal interior of the Model 3. I have a dog, and my dog likes to get muddy. Sometimes, the mud she plays in really stinks! I was looking for a solution and the only thing I could find was a dangling tree ornament or a colorful gel. All of which I didn’t approve of aesthetically or from a health perspective. So I decided to create my own solution. Something that was all natural, beautiful, and celebrated the design of the Model 3. Something that wasn’t overpowering. Something subtle. Something that blends in.

Q: Will ScentWedge be available for those who don’t own a Tesla? Also, what about creating a version for the home or office?

SW:  I’m trying to perfect the product now, but I get requests like this all the time. I’m currently working on a design that will work with other cars but my main focus is the Tesla Model 3 and any other future model that uses the dual vent system.

Q: What advice do you have for other business owners who want to create solutions for small or large problems they may come across as a Tesla owner?

SW: I think the best way to start is to solve a problem that you face. Then prototype and share with the community. The Tesla community is incredibly helpful and from all types of backgrounds. I received so much help/feedback from Tesla facebook groups and it’s actually the only reason I have a facebook. The car is perfect in my opinion but I think there is always room for complimentary products/accessories

If you have questions for ScentWedge, you can reach them via Twitter.


About The Author

Johnna Crider is one of the Tesla Social writers. She is inspired by Elon Musk and Tesla as well as the many people in the Tesla community who are positive and care about the world we live in. Johnna is also a jewelry designer who gifted Elon one of her designs and you can learn more about her art here.

Tesla Social is mostly about the social aspects of the Tesla community. There are many stories like this that bring the community together and have fun. Do you have a story to share? email us at:   You can also tweet to us at Tesla Social or reach out to Johnna. 

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