Did you know that for every Scentwedge sold they plant a tree through One Tree Planted? I love this, but this isn’t the main point of this article. I just got distracted by that lovely tidbit of info while perusing their lovely website. I am a fan of Scentwedge’s graphics and so are a lot of other people, which is awesome since SW gives out free, high def versions of their art. Yes, it’s art.

They could have easily created accounts with Shutterstock and make money, but instead, they give them away freely. I am showing three of my favorites here–and no you can’t download the images here. You can grab them on their website.



My favorite thing about all three of these and the others that I saw is how SW captures the class and elegance of Tesla in the natural beauty of our world. These photos belong in an art gallery. (Hint, hint, Elon Musk, we need a Tesla Museum!)


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